Ricante Hot Sauce - Variety Pack - 5 x 5 oz.

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CHIPOTLE BUENO combines jalapenos and chipotle chilies with garlic and onion to create a tangy, smokey, Mexican-inspired chipotle hot sauce.
Kinda Hot - 3 out of 5

FIRE MELONS - Refreshing melon fused with kiwi's and a nice dose of habaneros creates a mix of sweet and hot enjoyed from breakfast till dinner.
Hot! - 5 out of 5

MANZANA ENCENDIDA "APPLES ON FIRE" is a bright melody of mangos, apples, and carrots infused with a Ricante twist to have your taste buds asking for more. Heat comes on slow and before you know it BAM! Meats, Fish, Cheeses... Breaky... Falls into the "Pour on everything" Category!
Makes you dance hot! - 5 out of 5

OG MANGO CALIENTE is a fresh mix of mangos, kiwis and infused by Costa Rician habanero chilis. Can be used as a dipping, cooking, or pour all over your food sauce.
Kinda Hot - 3 out of 5

PIÑA DULCE is a combo of pineapple, mangos and habanero peppers is always a crowd favorite. Sweet with a little heat makes a great complement to any dish.
Kinda Mild - 2 out of 5


Keto-friendly, Non-GMO, and Gluten Free

The Flavor Revolution begins now! Ricante understands the balance customers want - A ton of flavor with reasonable heat.

Variety Pack includes 5 x 5 oz. bottles