About Us

Eat Right – Be Well

Inspired by tradition, with a vision to bring sustainable and ethically sourced food to your table. Let’s effect an agricultural revolution together, shall we?

At the heart of each and every organic pasta, flavorful coffee bean, and luscious avocado oil is a fervent effort to make this world a better place. That’s why we pay our farmers a generous wage, teach them eco-friendly growing practices and always put people before profits.

Buying from us, you are doing your part in supporting a better future where making money is no longer a priority, and serving each other and the planet is the endgame.


Where It All Began...

I have to give credit to my grandfather Harry Abraham who taught me how to garden and to appreciate homegrown goodness. He started his life farming as most families did in those days in the Czech Republic. When war broke out in Europe he came to America and moved to Detroit where he supported his family walking a horse-drawn vegetable cart through the neighborhoods selling his fresh produce... the original grocery store!

Through the years, he taught his daughters (and then all of us grandkids) to grow produce. That’s where my love of good organic food started- fresh from my grandfather’s garden!

Now that I’m (mostly) grown up, I’ve made it my life’s mission to give the world truly healthy food that will fuel and nourish us and Mother Earth! At De Lux Farms, we believe that if the people who grow the food we eat can prosper, we can all prosper. We only distribute products with a motto of people first.

As a part of our mission of people first, we work with two thousand farmers in Thailand who grow four types of rice (red rice, brown rice, white rice and black rice). Before we stepped in, these farmers were earning a mere $250 a month to support their families before we taught them how to grow Chia seeds, which had never been grown in Thailand before. We also saw there was a need for organic eggs, so we gave farmers chickens and organic chicken feed and taught them how to raise chickens for eggs. After introducing these new opportunities to our local Thai farmers, we are proud to say that they have been able to double their monthly income!


Where We Are Now…

As a result of these ethical partnerships, we produce the first-ever chia & rice pastas that are gluten-free, 100% organic and Fair Trade Certified! We also carry Donoxti Avocado Oil made with fresh-pressed Avocados in Guanajuato, Mexico, which is a delicious and nutrient-rich alternative to traditional vegetable oil! Finally, our coffees are produced on small farms throughout the world and shipped fresh to the USA where they are precision roasted so that you get the freshest cup of coffee possible! We make a point to employ single mothers in Central and South America to help them provide for their children by growing the highest quality coffee beans on their small organic farms. They are trained in eco-friendly growing practices so we leave a positive impact on the planet as well! Many of our coffees are Fair Trade Certified, Organic Certified and Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Welcome to De Lux Farms, where people come before profit and the products are always tasty & healthy. We hope you’ll give us a try and trust you’ll be coming back for more!