Ricante Enchilada Sauce - 12 oz. (2-Count)



Classic Recipe brought to life with some Central American - Gringo influence. 

Flavor Revolutionists put on the planet to free the world of nonsense condiments. Ricante achieves this through a natural craft blended melody of the freshest and most delicious fruits and vegetables the country of Costa Rica has to offer.

Whether you're a chef extraordinaire or looking for something to jazz up your food, look no further than Ricante's Everything Sauces.

12 oz. Bottle (2-Count)

These sauces are a fermented product and sealed. They are past their sell by date, but due to the nature of fermentation they are still safe and flavorful. With all of our hot sauces we recommend to refrigerate after opening and use within 30-days of opening. Due to them being beyond their sell by date you get this great deal!